Dear Administrators:


You may be aware by now that I am running for Statewide APA President, and Rosa is running for Statewide APA Vice President. Salem has one of the largest memberships of all the schools and you have a chance next week to make the biggest impact on the issues that are bargained in our next contract! Some areas that SSU members have identified as important are some of our top priorities –

  • Free tuition and fees across the statewide system, not just available to members at some of the schools.
  • Remediate “On-call” status through the introduction of contract language.
  • Address MTA for mutually applicable “MTA Benefits” as faculty.

Every SSU vote in the statewide election is critical and we humbly ask for your vote. It has been our pleasure to serve you at the local chapter level and we look forward to doing it at the statewide level as well.

Remember next week you will receive two election runner invitations by email for your participation in the elections: The APA Statewide election, and our Salem local election are separate elections. Please be sure to vote in both. The elections are available online Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon.

Imagine the potential impact of your full participation on the statewide election and influence on your union in 2022.

Together, we can finally be heard!


Mike and Rosa