Update regarding salary increases

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that the university will be implementing salary increases, retroactive payments, and the COVID bonus as negotiated by the MSCA, APA and AFSCME unions and extended to NUP and NUC employees, as per the schedule below. The schedule was established by the Office of the Comptroller Statewide Payroll team.

  • Pay date of May 27, 2022:   The cost of living adjustments for FY21 and FY22 for eligible benefited MSCA, APA, AFSCME, NUP and NUC employees. 
  • Pay date of June 10, 2022:  The retroactive payments for cost of living adjustments for eligible benefited MSCA, APA, AFSCME, NUP and NUC employees.
  • Pay date of June 24, 2022:  The one-time COVID bonus payment for eligible employees.

Please refer to your most recent collective bargaining agreement for more details. You may direct any questions you may have to eo-hr@salemstate.edu or payrollSSU@salemstate.edu.  Please be advised that our HR and Payroll offices will be very busy processing these payments. Your patience over the next several weeks is greatly appreciated.

Emily E. Topacio ’02, ‘10G


Human Resources & Equal Opportunity