Request for Nominations for open positions: Open Chapter Position of Secretary, and Grievance Officer(s)

nominationDear Membership:

During the local elections, chapter bylaws were also presented and voted on – and were voted in as approved. Since, I have given thought to restructure the local cabinet to meet the demand of a larger organization, and a large unit.

Currently, I serve as Chapter President, with Christopher Bittrich as Membership Coordinator, and Derek Barr as Vice President. I have appointed Brian Helman special grievance officer in my unavailability on some complaints to be addressed to management.

Officially, the role of local Secretary is unfilled, and we would like to have interested members request to be nominated for that to complete the cabinet.

Brian’s appointment went well as special grievance officer and proves the need to increase the cabinet size and even add positions in the classification of grievance officer. For this I wish to hold a special election and adopt revised bylaws that support our new local model, and elect the Chapter Secretary and 3 additional grievance officer positions.

The rationale behind having several grievance officers is strategic. We would like to find nominees of diverse business backgrounds and in various areas of the university. This will help our understanding of member inquiries and complaints and find the best suited officer to serve on possible grievances.

Please accept this email as your notification to prepare nominations for the available roles, if interested. You can nominate yourself, or someone you feel is suitable. The open positions are:

Chapter Secretary

 Grievance Officer (3 positions)

Special election date will be announced as soon as possible, and Derek Barr will organize a brunch for the date.

Copy of revised bylaws to follow.

Thank you.