Ratification Vote on Wednesday!

APA Members:
This is a reminder that on Wednesday, October 20 from 8:00am – 4:00pm, you will be invited to vote on the Ratification of the 2020-2023 APA Agreement.
If you would like to review the details of the Memorandum of Agreement for this successor contract, please navigate to the APA website and read the documentation for this important vote (click here).

By 8:30am on Wednesday, you should receive an invitation via email to vote.   If you do not receive this invitation from “Electionrunner.com”, please let your local chapter President know.  Your President will verify your email address and we will get the ballot invitation to you.

Despite optimistic assurances that the funding for these contractual salary increases were to be included in the Supplemental Budget bill that was delivered last week, the October Supplemental bill did not include the funding for our contract because the Agreement “had not yet been ratified”.  If this ratification vote passes, we expect that the next Supplemental Bill, due out on November 17th, will include our funding as well as the MSCA’s contractual increases.  We will keep you posted.
Thanks for making sure your voice is included in this week’s important Ratification vote.
Sherry Horeanopoulos, PresidentAssociation of Professional Administrators