Autumn Greetings, APA Members

The 2017-20 APA Agreement is finally sitting with the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee for final approval and funding via a pending Supplemental Budget.  This is the final step before salary increase money can be provided to our campuses.

At this point, our understanding is that APA members will be retroactively paid 2% (since revenues have exceeded expectations) covering what is owed for 2017 and then again back to July 2018 at the second payment of 2% (calculated after the original 2017 retroactive payment).  Going forward, in October, salaries will reflect the current increased rate.

Once the funding issue is finally settled, the campuses will be embarking upon the new evaluation process for APA members.  You will see that this includes a component for the employee (an opportunity for members to provide input outlining accomplishments, challenges, projects, activities and suggestions prior to the formal evaluation being completed in April).  We are pleased that this new process will afford our members the ability to proactively discuss both achievements and challenges that impact their job performance.

Local APA Chapter Presidents and HR Directors will mutually hold training sessions at each campus, so that we can assure consistency in how this new process is implemented over the course of the year.  This year’s evaluation period runs from when the contract was ratified (July 2018) to April of 2019 when the “performance narrative” will be completed by supervisors.

Finally, if all goes as anticipated, HR Departments should be able to calculate and verify the APA salary increases for the pay period in mid-October.  Stay tuned!

Best regards,

Sherry Horeanopoulos

President, Association of Professional Administrators