APA Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 3/3/2023

  • Rosa, Derek, Mike, Brian present
  • Statewide is pushing back against SSU
    • Meeting scheduled with Rosa and reps at state level on subject
  • SSU doesn’t understand (or respect) the definition of “peak”.  “Peak” refers to occasional extra hours during busy times, not scheduling whole extra (weekend) days
    • SSU Members are hesitant (ie terrified) to file grievances
    • Toxic environments across campus where membership are complaining, but not willing to make formal complaint
  • Meeting RE: Commencement wasn’t well attended.  Looking to schedule another one
  • Discuss with HR the issue of non-signed job descriptions
    • Concern with the constant opposition and defensive posture from HR, even for normal conversation
  • Still considerable confusion over the evaluation process
  • Tuition Remission
    • Other schools have a better package.  We’d like SSU to agree to a similar benefit or make a formal statement that they will not
  • Ask to meet with president, not a designee
  • Spring Meeting
    • Possible breakfast (catered?)
    • Breakfast at Marsh
  • Roberta James (MTA Rep) suggested regular office hours