APA Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 11/4/2022

General Discussion

  1. Considering creating a Climate Survey to understand Employee Morale
    • How to increase morale
  2. Banking hours for use during holidays
    • Holiday Period Email (11/3/22)
      • Ambiguous as to what the actual policy is
  3. Exodus of employees
    • Transfer of duties (temporary or permanent)
    • Continuity of services
    • Compensation for those taking on (temporary?) additional duties
  4. Should APA start rallying, displaying support similar to faculty?
    • Wearing of pins or messaged shirts
  5. APA Membership Meetings
    • 2 per year, per bylaws
    • Board Office Hours
      • No agenda, no appointment, less formal – for membership discussion
  6. No one has stepped up for Treasurer
    • Per bylaws – vacation no more than 90 days
      • Filled by scheduled or special election
  7. Discussion of Remote Work Arrangement Policy
    • Mostly good document, but contradicts itself in several locations
  8. Grievances
    • Grievance regarding stipend for filling in for departed supervisor settled
    • Commencement –  Step II 11/16 @ 3p