A message of thanks!

thank you

Happy Holidays to you all at Salem State – 
This is just a quick note of appreciation that I wanted to share with all of you regarding the service to the APA Union and Executive Board that Mike Pelletier has given over his terms as local chapter President.  

When you commit to serving on any kind of Board or Committee, only the people who serve with you know the sacrifice and effort that goes along with that commitment.  I want to acknowledge and express my thanks to Mike for all that he has contributed to the statewide APA membership.  Mike has always liked to “think differently” in negotiations and union events and activities, and he has never held back on expressing his opinions, agreement and disagreement with issues that present themselves.  Especially when talk of furloughs at Salem became a reality, he worked tirelessly to find a suitable solution and continued to work toward fair treatment for everyone.  He deeply empathizes with members who present issues that need addressing or resolution and ALWAYS works to support the member.  Salem State has had a very active and devoted representative on the APA Executive Board.  If you happen to run into him at the University, please thank him for all that he represents and for which he stands.  

Thank you, Mike, for your dedication to the APA, and for all the ideas and suggestions you were tenaciously willing to provide.  I know you will still serve the Salem members with the energy you always demonstrate!
Very Sincerely, Sherry H