Autumn Greetings, APA Members

The 2017-20 APA Agreement is finally sitting with the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee for final approval and funding via a pending Supplemental Budget.  This is the final step before salary increase money can be provided to our campuses.

At this point, our understanding is that APA members will be retroactively paid 2% (since revenues have exceeded expectations) covering what is owed for 2017 and then again back to July 2018 at the second payment of 2% (calculated after the original 2017 retroactive payment).  Going forward, in October, salaries will reflect the current increased rate.

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Contract Funding – Good News!

Dear APA members,

This morning we received word from the DHE that the APA contract has been approved and will be funded, and I have a letter from Commissioner Santiago that confirming that I can let the membership know.


I would like to profusely thank each and every person who took the time and made the effort to contact a local legislator or government official and explain the APA contract funding issue that we were facing.  This is clearly what influenced the decision makers to work favorably for the membership.  I have received many compliments on the content and “respectful” and “informative” nature of the communication.  In short, you did an awesome job that ultimately resulted in a successful endeavor to get this work done.

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Membership Update

Dear APA Members,

First, my sincere appreciation to those of you who have reached out to me directly – concerning your written or verbal communication with the Senators and Representatives in your home districts.  Your feedback has corroborated much of the information that we have been receiving.

Our collective effort to accurately inform Legislators and Governor Baker’s Administration with pertinent information about this untenable situation has been understood by the right people.  Senators and Representatives across the State, including many who serve on the Joint Committee on Higher Education, have responded and have offered support.
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Quick Update

Hi Everyone;
This is an update for the Board, but feel free to share if anyone is asking you about what has happened since Friday.

We WILL be meeting in Boston at the MTA office – Ashburton Place – at 10:00 am on September 21.  Katie will follow up with instructions.

Several of us communicated with local reps (I got email and calls from a few reps outside of my District and had several conversations)
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Contract Update Letter

Dear APA Members,

By now you are fully aware that the funding for 2017-2020 APA Agreement is stalled at the Massachusetts Office of Employee Relations (OER). The APA contract was delivered to OER, approved by DHE Commissioner Santiago, on August 8, 2018. Delivery of the letter of agreement from the DHE to the Governor’s administrators starts the countdown of 45 days in which the contract can be approved and forwarded to the Legislature for funding. Our Executive Board has been told that the OER will not recommend funding this Agreement. Continue reading “Contract Update Letter”