Update for the membership

UpdateHoping this update email finds everyone in good health after Thanksgiving – and looking forward to the holidays to come.  May all of you and your families enjoy the season.

First, I’d like to extend the APA Executive Board’s thanks to Bridgewater State University and local Chapter President, Michael Storey, for hosting the 2018 APA Annual meeting in an early snowstorm!  It’s always a pleasure to come to Bridgewater and, as always, the venue, food and meeting were wonderful.

Since the weather prevented a lot of others from making the trip to Bridgewater, here is a short recap of news from the meeting:

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Request for Nominations for open positions: Open Chapter Position of Secretary, and Grievance Officer(s)

nominationDear Membership:

During the local elections, chapter bylaws were also presented and voted on – and were voted in as approved. Since, I have given thought to restructure the local cabinet to meet the demand of a larger organization, and a large unit.

Currently, I serve as Chapter President, with Christopher Bittrich as Membership Coordinator, and Derek Barr as Vice President. I have appointed Brian Helman special grievance officer in my unavailability on some complaints to be addressed to management.

Officially, the role of local Secretary is unfilled, and we would like to have interested members request to be nominated for that to complete the cabinet.

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APA Annual Meeting of the Membership

meetingGood day, APA members across the state;

As the weather begins to chill and remind us that the holiday season is looming, it’s time to prepare for the Association of Professional Administrators Annual Meeting of the Membership.  This year’s host institution is Bridgewater State University.  The Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, November 16, 2018.  As always, there will be a business meeting for the Executive Board with the auditing firm at 10:00am, followed by a general membership luncheon meeting at 12:00 noon.  The general membership meeting will include a preliminary report from the auditors, news of interest to the membership, a report from the Health and Welfare chairperson and a visit from the MTA Higher Education Director, Suzanne Wall, who will speak to us about the goals of the MTA for its Higher Ed program in the upcoming year.

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Received word that the Governor has signed off on the Supplemental Bill, which means that funding for the contracts in it is a GO.  Next up – the DHE has to release the funds to the campuses, calculations have to be made for the retro 2017, retro 2018 and salary increases.  I am currently trying to get word on which pay period will include the increases, but thought you’d like to know that this part was finally done.

Sherry H

Parking Fee Grievance

Parking TicketDear SSU APA Constituency:

On September 26, we heard from the University regarding the status of the Parking Fee Grievance filed last month.

If you were not aware, Salem State is 1 of only 2 Massachusetts State Universities who charge a fee for APA members to park.  The other institution is the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.  Per our contract, a parking fee may not be charged.  However, the contract does allow for local negotiations regarding such fees on an “as needed” basis.  This is to be conducted through a Parking Committee.  The current fee was established in the 1980’s and has carried through all subsequent contracts without going to a Parking Committee with APA representation.
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