APA Sick Leave Bank, Open Enrollment

Dear Administrators:

Under the APA contract, you are eligible to enroll in the APA Sick Leave Bank during the month of September. To do this, you must have accumulated forty-five (45) hours of sick leave, and you will donate seven and one-half (7.5) hours to the Sick Leave Bank.

If you have already done since about 2015, please note that the Sick Leave Bank is still solvent from the last request for donations. Each September is open enrollment for APA members interested in joining for the first time.

Ezekiel Holt is the point of contact in Human Resources to submit your request for enrollment to the Sick Leave Bank by submission of seven and one-half (7.5) hours sick leave.

Language regarding Sick Leave Bank can be found starting on Page 49 of the APA contract—contract is now signed and posted to the APA website, found here: http://maapa.org/APA_SIGNED.pdf


APA Newsletter – March 2019

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March 2019

“The” Contract Bargaining Agreement

At this time, we still have not “seen” our actual contract.  Without the availability of the contract, knowing what is and isn’t there and protecting your rights as defined by the contract is very difficult. 

Mike comments on anticipated language of the unreleased CBA:

“What we anticipate and expect:

Clarification of the use of “Alternate Work Schedule” (formerly Flexible Scheduling); and the terminology “Flex Time”, also anticipated to be in the contract.

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